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ESL Songs
Jonathon's ESL Songs
Over 40 songs for learning English. Listen, read the words and sing along!
Football Vocab
For Football Fans!
Soccer's history, rules, top players. Vocab and quizzes!
Play Hangman Online!
Find the right word in time ... or he'll hang you!
Hear English Everywhere
7 Ways to Hear English
Listening practice 24/7. Internet, radio, TV, more...
My English Club
Join the MyEC Club!
Join 1000s of ESL learners. Chat, blogs, videos, forums & more...
Phrasal Verbs
Phrasal Verbs
Her alarm woke her up. Learn 100s of phrasal verbs. Quizzes for them all!
Word of the Day Olympics Reading Slang Reading Adjective Order
TALKING POINT Discussion and Homework
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ESL or EFL? What do ESL and EFL mean? ESL stands for English as a Second Language. EFL stands for English as a Foreign Language. ESL is used when people learn English in an English speaking country. EFL is used when people learn English in a non-English speaking country. Is this important? Not very, if you are a student. But there are some important technical considerations for teachers.